Why I love America

I recently read a story about a flight that was forced to land in Canada due to the 911 attacks. The story details the account of Delta flight 15 and how hospitable the town of Gander was during a time of need for the many passengers who got stuck there on 9/11.

You can read the story here.

After living cross culturally in Japan for over 10 years I sometimes struggle to express to people what I love or miss about America. I see so many negative things happening in the world and sometimes it fells like America is the cause of so much drama that I don’t bother to check the news at all.

But after reading the story of Delta 15 and the amazing community that took them in and about the Doctor who took it upon himself to start a fund to help students from Gander go to college. It just clicked.

“That’s why I love America”

I don’t think for a moment that Americans are the only ones who setup grants or do charitable work. Many other countries do this all the time, heck even in this story it was Canadians who did the organising and serving. But there is something in the American spirit that moves people to dream up and create new ways to help others.

That’s why I love America. How about you? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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